SEVEN Things You Must Do in Prague

By: Audrey Tensen 

When I was in Prague during 2013, the city was filled with colorful Easter Festival displays, including hundreds of amazingly decorated eggs for sale. I spent most of my time in Old Town Prague, and the city took a piece of my heart.


ONE – Go see a Show

Spend the koruna to go see a show. There are so many options: black light theater, symphonies, orchestras, ballets, etc. The show I watched at the Municipal House literally brought tears to my eyes, and not just because they offered a 50 CZK student discount! The musical talent gave flight to my soul. The musicians were truly amazing. The architecture is incredibly beautiful and the acoustics will melt your heart.  Arrive early and eat at the restaurant outside of the concert hall. This place has great service and an irresistible dessert cart! You won’t regret this dinner and a show.    



TWO – Eat fondue in the square for Lunch

By the final day of my time in Prague, I’d nearly run out of koruna, and I didn’t really want to withdraw any more from the ATM. I found a little café in the Old Town Prague Square and spent the afternoon covered in a light blanket and snuggled up to a heat lamp. After considering the prices and my dwindling money supply, I ordered a hot chocolate to drink and ordered chocolate fondue for my lunch. For a few hours, I felt like a real resident as I watched the hustle and bustle of how an old European city goes about its day.


THREE – Go for a walk at 9 am

During the night, the squares are filled with life, but at 9am in Prague, you will practically have the entire city to yourself. The mood in the air is relaxed and I felt free to simply take it all in. Old Town Prague is a UNESCO world heritage cite and has architectural influences ranging from the 11th to the 18th centuries. I had been away from the states about two months when I reached Prague and I found the familiarity of holding a Starbucks Carmel Apple Spice in my hands while I allowed myself to get lost in a new world brought the comforts of home.


FOUR – Take the stairs up to the castle

There are many ways to get reach Pražský Hrad: car, tram, and by foot. Take the scenic route to Prague Castle! Even though there are at least 200 stairs, I still recommend walking to the castle. Once there, you can purchase a ticket for a tour or just enjoy the view. Enjoy the sights along the way, meet the people, and immerse yourself in the culture!


FIVE – Walk into random churches

The churches always seem to be open in Europe. Wander into them! Regardless of whether you practice a religious faith, the buildings are beautiful and have a fascinating history. The Saint Jilji, my favorite church in Prague, is not my favorite because of the building; it is because of the priest I met while I was inside. Dare to take miniature adventures along your trip.


SIX – Try mulled wine during the chilly season

I personally enjoy mulled wine, but realize it is not for everyone! However, during the chilly season, there’s nothing quite like strolling around the square with a nice warm cup of wine in your hands.


SEVEN – Spend time to truly watch the entertainers in the square (and don’t forget to tip!)

Our lives are so filled with where to go next: rushing to be on time, juggling two-and-a-half jobs plus five classes… AHHH!!! *deep breath* Take the time to slow down and enjoy the street performances. Watch, appreciate, and cheer on their talents and hard work. Don’t forget to tip! Fifty to one-hundred koruna is completely acceptable.


Prague is a beautiful place where history meets the present. Go and enjoy your time, but if you’re not careful, a piece of your heart may join mine in a new happy home.



Info on show locations:

Black Light Theater which hosts specific black light shows and offers first come first serve seating


The Municipal House opened in 1912 and hosts performances by symphonies, orchestras, and other musicians


Hibernia Theater offers amazing traditional shows


Several others:



Article by GVSU alumna, Audrey Tensen (Greece)

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